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  • What's included in the picnic packages?
    Our Essential picnic package includes a 2 hour duration, wooden table(s), floor seating, assorted floor pillows, tableware (plates, napkins & silverware), Bluetooth speaker, candles, silk flower arrangements, card games, and set up & clean up. Essential picnic should be purchased a minimum of ten (10) days in advance of your scheduled picnic. Without full payment, we will not be able to secure your picnic experience. Our Lavish picnic package includes a 2 hour duration, small wooden table, assorted floor cushions/pillows, delicious local store charcuterie board, tableware (plates, napkins & silverware), Bluetooth speaker, card games, small fresh flower arrangements with vase (yours to keep!), candles, and set up & clean up. Lavish picnic must be purchased a minimum of fourteen (14) days in advance of your scheduled picnic. Without full payment, we will not be able to secure your picnic experience.
  • How does booking work?
    Review and book the calendar for next available time. Review a picnic package that includes the number of guests. Add your package and/or any "a la carte" options before proceeding. Enter your payment detail and complete your booking. We will send your booking confirmation via email and a courtesy text (beta testing) reminder day of the event.
  • What should I know about payment and/or booking with Picnic in the Ville?
    Full payment is expected at ten (10) business days prior of scheduled picnic for Essential picnic experience. Full payment is expected at fourteen (14) business days prior of scheduled picnic for Lavish picnic experience. If full payment is not received -Picnic in the Ville will auto cancelled and no refunds will be processed. For more details please view our Terms & Return Policy under "Contact Us."
  • How far in advance do I need to book a picnic?
    We ask you to consider a 14 day notice of a picnic with the exception of if we have last minute cancellations or availability. Please bear in mind, the earlier you inquire for a date and pay in full, the better chance you will have to secure the date/time you reserved.
  • What is the process on the day of our picnic?
    We will have the set up ready for the agreed start time. We ask that you send us a text when you are 15 minutes away so we can finalize the last minute touches. We will wait until you arrive before heading off unless we have specified otherwise. We will come back at the agreed finish time and pack it all up for you!
  • What happens if I show up late?
    Life happens. We give a 15 minute grace period but remember your picnic starts at the scheduled time you selected during your booking and will not be extended.
  • Can we leave prior to our scheduled end time?
    Yes, you may. Please provide us with a 15 minute notice via text message. You will remain responsible for all picnic items until our team arrives.
  • Do we have to clean up when we are done?
    No one wants to be responsible for cleaning after having a blast! That's why our team will setup your picnic and clean up.
  • What if it rains or I have an emergency?
    Oh no! In case of rain or emergencies we’d be happy to reschedule your picnic to another date within 6 months of your original booking or if it's less than 29 days from the schedule date you can receive a 50% refund (minus merchant processing fees). If the booking was cancelled by Picnic in the Ville- we will refund 100% of the purchase. Visit our Terms & Return Policy under the "Contact Us" page.
  • Can I choose the style of picnic I desire?
    We do offer a couple of color themes to choose from! Check out our Popular Picnic Theme page! We may have more options available in the near future. We encourage and welcome all suggestions, please email them to us at or use the "Contact Us" section below. We will try to incorporate them in our setup but this is not guaranteed and a customizable fee may apply.
  • Where is the food prepared for the Lavish picnic package?
    A variety of accoutrements such as cured meats, cheese, crackers, fresh fruit, nuts, honey, & garnish is purchased from Whole Foods, Publix, & Trader Joes. Each box will vary by availability and season.
  • What if I have dietary requirement and/or food allergern?
    We can make alterations to cater for any dietary requirements/intolerances. Do not hesitate to let us know of your intolerance or food allergy and we will accommodate as much as possible. Picnic in the Ville is not responsible for any food allergen experience, treatment, or anaphylactic.
  • Where does the picnic take place?
    Most picnics are set up at Centennial Park located in West Nashville or at Cumberland Park along Nashville's riverfont! We can set up at any Nashville Metro Park (there's a few favorite listed when picking a picnic package). Customers can also choose the comfort of your home or backyard. If you have another particular location in mind, let us know and we will assess to ensure it is a feasible option for your picnic. May involve an additional travel fee to cover mileage and time. Effective 3/1/2022- our traveling fees begins after a 10 miles radius of 592 S 1st Street Nashville, TN 37213. After 10 miles - we will invoice you $3 per mile for a complete roundtrip.
  • Do you set up in homes and backyards?
    Of course! The best thing about having a picnic in your own home or backyard is you have complete privacy. We always recommend having a home picnic as a back up in the event of inclement weather.
  • What steps does Picnic in the Ville take to protect from COVID-19?
    We follow all CDC guidelines for routine cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces. All utensils and glassware are sterilized and thoroughly washed with warm water and soap in order to ensure cleanliness. Disposable latex free gloves are worn at all times. For soft surfaces or items such pillows, sheets, and rugs, we clean the surface with detergents or cleaners appropriate for use on these surfaces, according to the textile’s label.
  • Explore Nashville Metro Parks Code of Conduct.
    Let's remember Nashville Parks are public areas. We encourage all customers to visit Nashville Parks & Recreations website for more information.
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